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Phil's Musical Background

Picture of Phil playing a 1970's Fender Stratocaster in his studio

Of late, Phil has been seen gigging with the band Demuirs. The band comprises Phil on electric guitar and vocals and Phil’s Wife Sarah, on acoustic guitar and vocals. You can read about what Demuirs are up too on the:

DeMuirs Website.

Previous to this, back in 1996, Phil joined the band Pure-eh. Phil soon became known for his soulful voice on tracks such as the self-penned track, "Father, Please Help Me", which was recorded live at the Wiltshire show in Warminster, and featured on the Pure-eh 1997 release, "Walk And Talk." Phil also became known for his Santana-style guitar licks and backing vocals, as featured on the track "Keep On Walking", which was written by Gordon Clowrey.

In total, Pure-eh made three albums, and performed both at home in the UK and in the U.S. Music has always been a part of Phil's life.

Phil writes: "For as long as I can remember, I have been involved in music. I started playing piano at school in Scotland at the age of eight. I can't honestly remember when I started singing, however - it was long before I started piano lessons. I enjoyed playing piano; however, I had a feeling that I would take to guitar even more than playing keys.

"I guess I started playing guitar at around twelve or thirteen years old. I instantly took to that and then picked up the bass. Shortly after that, drums. Mind you, I still enjoy playing keys. I find myself doing that a lot nowadays.

"I still enjoy writing, although I love collaborating with other people.

"I must admit lyrics aren't my strong point, however - I have a head full of melodies. I guess that's where other people come in. There's nothing more exciting than creating something new.

"Writing with others, such as Gordon Clowrey, Jo Stone and Richard Atkinson, really stretches me. I remember the first song that Rich and I wrote together. I think writing the song "The Weight Of Love" is one of the best songs I have co-written with anyone. Not bad for the first song that Rich and I wrote together.

"It's fantastic when that happens; however, the real challenge is following something like that up. You can't think 'how did we manage to do that?' You just need to move on to the next thing. Rich is really fussy about his lyrics. I don't think I have known anyone scrutinise lyrics as much as Rich does. That's why he is such a good song writer."

Samples Of Tracks

"The Weight Of Love",

recorded by Phil (674kb).

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