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Latest News

Phil continues mastering tracks for clients, recently mastering tunes for the band Night Bridge and Richard Hyman. You can:

Follow Night Bridge on Facebook

Phil has worked collaboratively with the reggae artist Jack Wilson, mixing mastering and providing guitars on the tracks, “Joy to My Heart, No One Else, Take Life and In My Community”. Phil also provided backing vocals on “Joy to My Heart” and bass on “In My Community”.

Phil has been recording some guitars for Len Viljoen who is a South African Gospel artist. Len's album will be out in October and Phil is providing all of the guitars for it. You can see a walkthrough of Phil working on a tune called:

Ek Sal Sing.

Or watch Phil working on the track:


Phil has been busy updating his YouTube channel with new content. You can watch Phil's take on why he thinks backing vocals are important. Checkout what Phil and his wife Sarah did with the backing vocals on the track

The Call

Have you ever wondered what mastering is about? Phil talks you through why you may wish to consider getting a mix mastered and what a Mastering engineer actually does. You can watch the video on the:

HomeGrown Before And After Mastering


Or watch the follow-up video on balancing tracks on an album as part of the mastering process:

Checking Track Levels On An Album

Ever wondered what it would sound like if you fused two guitar styles together, Country And Rock 'n' Roll? Phil shows you in this:

Country And Rock 'n' Roll


Phil believes that rhythm guitar is important and shows you why in this video:

Why They Still Write Love Song

Feel free to take a look at some of the mixes Phil has done on YouTube. Phil takes you on a walk through of the mix of the Celine Carroll pop tune:

Get UP Get Out.

You can watch Phil looking at the Briege Murphy folk song:

Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye

Or feel free to take a look at the Paul McDonnell ballad:

Go Home.

Phil has been working again with producer Dave Molloy. Phil has mixed all of the tracks on the Terry Conlon album "HomeGrown" a part from the track "I'm Leaving" which Dave mixed. Phil mastered the entire album. The album "HomeGrown" is out now!!

Phil mixed and mastered an album for award winning Irish singer/songwriter Paul McDonnell. The track "Storm Chaser" has made it to the RTE radio 1 playlist and the album has made it to the Choice Music Prize list. This award celibrates all that is great in Irish music. You can read more here:

2016 Album List | Choice Music Prize

Phil writes: "it was great to be working again with producer Dave Molloy on this project. It isn't every day that you get to work with someone like Paul who really is a fantastic singer songwriter. I think this album will do well for Paul and has the potential to make him an international artist."

You can if you wish:

Watch the "Storm Chaser Video" on YouTube"


Checkout Paul's website."

Phil is currently mixing and mastering a great album by a young gifted Irish singer songwriter Terry Conlon with producer Dave Molloy.

Phil mixed and mastered an album for Irish folk artist, Briege Murphy. Some tracks were played on the evening of Sunday 13/12/2015 on the Colum Sands Folk Club program on BBC Radio Ulstur. You can listen to the interview with Breige and the tracks for a limited time on:

BBC IPlayer"

Phil mixed and mastered the Celine Carroll song, "Get UP Get Out." This song has had a lot of airplay in Ireland. You can watch the video here:

Get UP Get Out"

Producer Phil Muir

When you come to record at P J Muir productions, you will be working with experienced producer/engineer, musician and songwriter, Phil Muir. Phil has an extensive portfolio that includes songs such as the fantastic pop single by Celine Carroll that had extensive airplay in Ireland, as well as several singles that have been considered for BBC Radio 2's play list, and tracks that have been played on BBC Radio Bristol and BBC radio stations in the south of England and comercial radio. Phil has project mixed tracks for clients in a variety of places, including Ireland and the US.

Phil has years of experience as a working musician in the UK, and US and can add extra instrumentation to your recordings, at no extra charge. You can read more about Phil's production and music experience on:

Phil's Production And Musical Background


You can follow him on:


Checkout the songs that Phil has co-written, recorded, mixed and mastered on his:

Sound Cloud


Watch Phil performing with his wife Sarah in the DeMuirs duo on the:



Mobile Recording

Phil is experienced at recording live bands and choirs. Phil would come to the venue and capture the event live. The event would then be mixed back at the studio and mastered on to CD.

Project Mixing And Mastering

Maybe you have already recorded your project, but would like a fresh pair of ears to help mix and master it for you. Phil has extensive experience in this area. He has project mixed, ordinary genres and ethnic music projects. Simply provide a DropBox link or similar or, send all of your wave files on a DVD and Phil will mix and master it for you.


Perhaps you are happy with the over all sound on your project however, the song doesn’t have that clear, punchy sound that you would like it to have or, maybe the track doesn’t sound loud enough when compared to other commercial CD’s. Phil can master your project and give it that extra sparkle.

Premium Service

You may want to consider using the P J Muir Productions Premium Service. Here’s how it works. You pay P J Muir Productions a set fee. For this fee, I will help you arrange your song and make up a custom made track which, could include any or, all of the following:

  • Drum programming
  • Percussion recorded
  • Bass guitar recorded
  • Acoustic guitar added
  • Classical guitar recorded
  • Electric rhythm guitar recorded
  • Electric lead guitar recorded
  • Backing vocals recorded
  • Your vocals recorded
  • The song is then mixed
  • Mastered

And finally, the song is put on to a CD.

The advantage of this approach is the fact that you aren’t paying for studio time on an hourly rate and therefore, don’t feel the need to keep watching the clock.

At P J Muir productions, we are acutely aware that recording can be an expensive business. That’s why, the Premium Service, doesn’t come at a premium price. Feel free to contact us for more information on the Premium Service.

Instruments On Demand

Have you ever recorded a track then, thought, it needs a little something extra? Phil can add additional instrumentation such as:

  • Drum programming
  • Percussion
  • Bass guitar
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Classical guitar
  • Electric rhythm guitar
  • Electric lead guitar
  • Backing vocals

then, we would send the wave files back to you, via the web.

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